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We live in a world of inspiration where creativity draws our daily life course. Open eyes with a blind intent to discover allows us to see so much more and acknowledge the true beauty in nature and man made design. It’s a global portal to appreciation that we can all access and something that drives us to explore the endless possibilities of design creation through disciplined innovation.
43 years
Master Planning
Urban Design
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Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

Exist to create exceptional. ———————— There are no shortcuts to greatness. Passion, commitment and a respect for collaboration create a destiny that dictates new benchmarks. We live to explore potential and build experiences that challenge perceptions. Together, we exist to create exceptional. ———————— DBI was founded in Australia in 1980. For over 40 years, the firm has always been driven by innovation in both form and function, putting the human experience as the centrepiece of every project outcome. Our design ethos is based on the seamless integration of the built structure, the direct environment in which it lives and the positive lifestyle interaction it generates through its urban inhabitancy.
———————— We’re progressive in our collaborative approach to cultural contribution, embracing local customs and stakeholders to deliver exceptional experiences for the people. Our team are ahead of the industry curve in their respective disciplines, striving for leading-edge solutions that push traditional design paradigms into daring new frontiers. ———————— With success stories all over the globe, we continue to expand our portfolio with like-minded partners who are passionate in making meaningful statements of structural impact for society to embrace and enjoy. ————————
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When you join our family, we embrace your differences. The culture we encourage is based on a will to learn, grow, question and inspire for each individual across every design discipline. Professional and personal diversity coupled with a spirit that ‘dares to be different’ is exactly the reason why internally or as a client, you become a valued member of the DBI family. 

Raith Anderson
Managing Director / Architect
Ewald De Weerd
Director / Architect
Tim Cross
Director / Landscape Architect
Anna Goh
Director / Interior Designer
Neil Clarke
Associate Director / Architect
Michael Stott
Head of Cities and Places /
Masterplanning & Urban Design
Manuel Stathis
Senior Associate /
Brisbane Studio Manager / Architect
David Lake
Senior Associate / Architect
Jo D'Ambrosia
Senior Associate / Architect
James Battye
Senior Associate / Landscape Architect
Catherine Phillips
Senior Associate / Interior Designer
Terry Ourari
Head of Design - Architecture
Scott Deppeler
Associate / Architect
Melissa Martinez
Associate / Interior Designer
Ealin Merza
Associate / Architect
Joshua Driscoll
Associate / Project Leader